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Leave the steelwork to the pros

Steel crafting is an art that only our skilled team can master. With years of experience and top-class finishing, we can bring your steelwork vision to life. Trust us to deliver exceptional work that surpasses your expectations, leaving you in awe of your stunning new addition to your home.

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At Outbox, your imagination is the limit. If you have a custom project involving steelwork furniture or decor that you want to execute, we would be thrilled to partner with you in this venture.

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Customize our entire furniture collection

Discover endless possibilities with our customizable furniture collection! Mix and match materials, colors, and designs to create unique, personalized pieces that reflect your style. Explore tailor-made TV units, tables, bars, and more – all crafted with unmatched quality and comfort in mind. Transform your home today!

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Here's more of what we can create with steel...

Center Tables • Side Tables • Consoles • TV Units • Shelvings • Radiator Covers • Railings • Dining Tables • Sideboards • Bars • Benches • Sofas & Chairs • Bed Structures • Nighstands • Desks • Cabinets • Chandeliers • Dividers • Doors • Door Defendes • Sliding Gates • Firepits • Metal Wall Art

What We Do
  • Best-in-class welding

    At the heart of our steelwork is the art of welding. We take pride in using the most advanced techniques, such as electron beams and laser welding, to ensure ultra-precision and the highest quality finishing possible. Witness the magic of welding brought to life in every piece we create.

  • Hand scraping

    In this age of automation, we still believe that nothing beats the old fashioned method of hand scraping. It brings a level of accuracy and flatness that is unmatched, improving machine loop stiffness, workpiece surface finish and component geometry. Experience the exceptional craftsmanship that can only come from the human touch.

  • Electrostatic powder coating

    Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every detail, including our choice of coating. With powder coating, you can rest assured that your piece will be free from rust and corrosion, whether it's displayed indoors or outdoors. Live without worry, knowing that your investment is built to last.

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