Leave the steelwork to the pros

Crafting with steel is a complex process that not many people get well. Our team has years of experience in the field and is renowed for its top-class finishing. We will help you execute the best steelwork vision for your house. We promise to deliver work that exceeds your expectations.

Why choose Outbox?

  • Best-in-class welding

    Welding is in the heart of steelwork. Our team uses advanced electron beams and laser welding which proved to provide the most precision and highest quality finishing.

  • Hand scraping

    Nothing ever beats old fashioned hand scraping. Accuracy and flatness are two of its benefits that help improve machine loop stiffness, workpiece surface finish and component geometry.

  • Electrostatic powder coating

    We paint everything using the most effective coating method. With powder coating, you can say goodbye to corrosion and rust forever, indoor or outdoor.

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Here's more of what we can create with steel...

Center Tables • Side Tables • Consoles • TV Units • Shelvings • Radiator Covers • Railings • Dining Tables • Sideboards • Bars • Benches • Sofas & Chairs • Bed Structures • Nighstands • Desks • Cabinets • Chandeliers • Dividers • Doors • Door Defendes • Sliding Gates • Firepits • Metal Wall Art

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