Metal Wall Art Installation Assistance – Outbox SARL
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As metal steel is not a lightweight material, most items exceeding 40cm or less will require to be fixed on the wall with screws drilled into holes on your wall. All the tools required for the installation job will be provided with every order (except for the drill). You will even receive your item pre-cut with holes so you know where the screws will fit in.

Most items (except for words and small-sized items) are delivered with our custom-made spacers which helps the piece stand away from the wall by 1.5cm, creating a 3D-like floating effect. Small items stick directly on the wall with no gap in between the wall and the metal wall art.


For small items less than 40cm, they will be pre-equipped with high-strength double-sided adhesive which won’t require drilling. The sticking endurance of the tape will significantly weaken if it has been used more than once. We will provide extra screws in case the adhesive was not strong or convenient enough to fix the item.