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About Outbox

Outbox is an advanced workshop specialized in all things metal steel. Its offerings include but aren't limited to:

  • Furniture construction: apart from the furniture included in our catalog, Outbox also creates any furniture you can dream of as long as the base of the piece is made of metal steel. With our proficient experience in interior design, our architects posses the skills to execute your projects.
  • Metal wall art: Outbox is the leading producer of all metal wall art decor in Lebanon. Using cutting-edge laser technology, we transform a simple metal steel sheet into a stunning work of art with endless possibilities. Our advanced CNC laser machine cuts through a steel sheet and draws over any illustration you can think of. The result is a stunning finish that is setting a new trend in wall decor nowadays.
  • Interior design: Cut through the hassle of designing your dream space. Outbox's artistic experience in design can help you achieve a look and feel with a touch of industrial modernism that will exceed your expectations.

A workshop that produces sublime furniture deserves to have its very own showroom! You can visit us in Adonis, Zouk Mosbeh to look around and discuss your next project. We'll be all ears!