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About Outbox

Who are we?

Outbox is a metal fabricator factory located in Adonis, Zouk Mosbeh. We mostly specialize in construction steel, wrought iron and industrial design. If you have a project involving metal steel, our team is more than happy to help.

Why metal wall art?

We knew you'd be wondering why we would be interested in designing metal wall art. After all, we are a construction steel company. Well, the answer is simple, really. It happens that we have all the resources required to do the job well and we absolutely fell in love with the niche! We believe it is extremely underrated and an essential part of interior design that is partly missing in Lebanon, so why not hype it up? Industrial modernism is very trending nowadays and it happens that we have a wonderful team of talented designers, architects, engineers and skilled laborers to make it happen. So here we are!   

Visit us

You are welcome to visit our factory and offices during our working hours from 8AM to 4PM. You can also contact us on WhatsApp, reach us on Instagram or call us on 03234068.


Bernard Azar: sales, marketing, logistics and graphic design.

Serge Azar: senior architect and comprehensive on-site execution.