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Your dream space will steel the show.

At Outbox, we take immense pride in crafting steelwork of unbeatable quality. Each piece is meticulously designed, handcrafted, and polished by our skilled artisans, ensuring that every product we deliver is nothing short of perfection.

You can also complement steel with other materials such as glass, wood, marble, etc.

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  • Modern Stripes / Bars

    Enhance your space with our modern stripe and metallic room dividers. Create a contemporary and stylish atmosphere.

  • Stripped Divider with Shelves

    Achieve a contemporary look with our modern, minimalist metallic divider and wooden shelves. Organize your space with style and functionality in mind.

  • Striped Divider with Wooden Boxes

    Enhance your home decor with our collection of wooden boxes featuring a stylish striped divider. Perfect for organizing and adding a touch of elegance to any space.

  • Flowing Bars

    Who said bars only belonged on the ground? At Outbox, we're turning things upside down, quite literally! Our ceiling-flowing steel bars are the perfect 'hangout' spot. These hanging wonders are an instant conversation starter, floating mid-air, adding a dash of whimsy and a whole lot of style to your space.

  • Wall-Mounted Bars

    Who needs floor space when you've got walls? Our wall-mounted steel bars are space-savers with a flair for fun. They're a touch of sleek design, a dash of sophistication, and a whole lot of convenience, all rolled into one. Make the most of your walls with Outbox!

  • Floor Bars

    Forget the saying 'sky's the limit' because, with our floor bars, it's all about ground control! These steel marvels are a delightful mix of chic design and sturdy functionality. Perfect for those who believe that the best conversations happen on the ground! Ground your space with Outbox!

Customize EVERYTHING...

Everything you see or not see is fully customizable. From the designs on our website to your wildest imagination. If it's steel complemented by wood, glass, marble or any other materials, we're more than up to the task!

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  • Rectangular Dining Tables

    Why settle for the usual when you can top it off your way? Our rectangular dining tables come with a sturdy metal base and a customizable top. It's the perfect blend of rock-solid reliability and personal flair. With Outbox, make every meal a feast of your own!

  • Circular Dining Tables

    Circle up the fun with our circular dining tables! Featuring a robust metal base and a customizable top, these tables are perfect for those who believe life, like good conversations, is best enjoyed 'round' a table. With Outbox, make every gathering a round-robin of delight!

  • Barn Door

    Transport yourself to the French countryside with our metallic French barn doors. Exuding rustic charm with a modern spin, these doors are perfect for those who desire a touch of 'je ne sais quoi' in their homes. With Outbox, create doorways to a world of style!

  • Railings

    Step up your style game with our metallic railings! Perfect for staircases, balconies, or simply as a room divider, these railings take the 'stairway to heaven' quite literally. With Outbox, add a touch of steel appeal to your space that's one step ahead!

  • Motorized Gates & Doors

    Welcome home in style with our modern metallic gates! These gateways aren't just about security, they're your home's first handshake, combining strength with sleek design. With Outbox, make a grand entrance that's as unique as you are!

  • TV Units

    Our modern metallic TV units aren't just about binge-watching your favorite series, they're about doing it in style! Perfect for balancing popcorn bowls and adding a spark of elegance to your space. With Outbox, make your entertainment center, the talk of the town!

  • Furniture

    Dive into our vast ocean of metal furniture, where every piece is a treasure! From dining tables to TV units, we've got everything to make your space steal the show. With Outbox, explore a world where steel meets style and fun meets functionality!

  • Metal Wall Art

    Step into our gallery of metal wall art, where every piece tells a story! It's not just about filling walls, it's about making them talk. Turn your home into an art haven where creative expression meets metallic charm. With Outbox, let your walls do the talking!