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  • family is forever
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Family Is Forever

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Size Chart

Dimensions for MEDIUM size:
"Family" 35 cm x 19cm
"Is" 6 cm x 6cm
"Forever" 25 cm x 13cm
Left frame: 11x9cm
Right frame: 14x9cm

Dimensions for LARGE size:
"Family" 50cm x 27cm
"Is" 8.5 cm x 8.5cm
"Forever" 35 cm x 18cm
Left frame: 15x13cm
Right frame: 20x13cm

Please allow up to 2cm margin error due to manual measurements.

If dimensions do not appear in this tab, please check the product description or product options.

Technical Specifications

Steel thickness: 3mm
Finish: Powder Coating
Procedure: CNC Fibre Laser


This piece will be delivered to you with all the tools required for fixing it on the wall. A drill is required.

Most pieces are provided with spacers, making them stand from the wall by 1.5cm.

You can select to have your item delivered and installed by Outbox on checkout. Additional fees will follow.

Delivery & Transportation

Any dimension of Family Is Forever that comfortably fits in a car will be delivered by a third-party courier at no extra fees or minor fees.

For large items, special transportation will be required and logistics fees will apply on checkout.

You can also choose to pick up your item from our showroom free of charge.

The item will be properly wrapped with nylon and in rare cases bubble wrap. As a factory first, we are unable to offer boxed packaging for every possible dimension we can produce.

No matter where we each stand, together we can look upon the same sun, the same moon, and the same sky, so we are forever one family.

Unsure about design and dimensions?

Get Family Is Forever in just the right size for your wall by consulting with one of our interior designers for free.

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  • Every piece is designed, programmed, then precisely cut by our top of the line Outbox fiber lasers.

  • Your order then goes through electrostatic powder coating process so you never have to worry about corrosions or rust.

  • Your order is at last inspected for imperfections and delivered to you in the safest way possible

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