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Running Deer
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Running Deer

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A decorative and personalized steel structure made of coated metal steel. 


Our steel structures are made of a thick Robust 3mm metal steel offering a robust and solid framework that you can immediately feel as soon as you pick it up for the first time.


Coated with a treated, anti-rust finish to make sure your piece stays beautifully intact for a lifetime. The matte finish gives your structure an unbelievably high-end feel that looks stunning any way you look at it!


The dimensions of the steel structure shown exclude their respective steel plates which may vary by the selected dimension of the structure itself, however, the length of the steel plate never exceeds 50cm.

Dimension format: Highest Measure X Lowest Measure


This steel structure is customizable. Alternatively, you can create your very own steel structure from scratch by contacting our team on 03234068.

NOTICE: This steel structure will have the OUTBOX logo laser-cut on the steel support plate on its far side (not shown in the image).




⚠️ No piece of wood will look identical or very similar to another due to natural factors.


The default coating process for most metal wall art and furniture is powder coating. Powder coating is not a type of paint but rather a coating that dries and fuses permanently to the surface of the metal as a protective layer through heat, making it extremely durable and damage resistant, even when exposed to physical contact with hard objects.

Powder Coating allows us to give you a lifetime warranty on all our items. It can be exposed to rain, thunderstorms, extremely cold and hot weather temperatures while remaining perfectly untouched in its same original finish.