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Surat Al-Ikhlas - سورة الإخلاص
Surat Al-Ikhlas - سورة الإخلاص
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Surat Al-Ikhlas - سورة الإخلاص

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Production time: 2 weeks

The Declaration of God's Unity aka Sincerity aka Monotheism, is the 112th chapter of the Quran. ۝ SAY, God is one GOD; ۝ the eternal GOD: ۝ He begetteth not, neither is He begotten: ۝ and there is not any one like unto Him.


This piece will be delivered to you with all the tools required for fixing it on the wall. We use a robust 3mm mild metal steel for production which adds some weight to the piece and hence, most pieces must be drilled and fixed on the wall with the provided screws. Most pieces are provided with spacers, making them stand from the wall by 1.5cm. For small and medium sized pieces, they may be pre-equipped with high strength double sided adhesive. Sticking endurance depends on the surface of walls, wall paintings and wallpapers. We do not recommend hanging the item above beds or cribs, just in case.

Learn more about how our metal wall art pieces are fixed on the wall on this page.


  • Premium mild metal steel
  • Thickness: Robust 3mm
  • Process: Precision laser beam cutting technology
  • Coating Method: Powder Coating (weatherproof and anti-rust)


All orders are produced on a demand basis and according to your custom specifications such as dimensions, color and other personal tweaks.