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The JAGG Eight
The JAGG Eight
The JAGG Eight
The JAGG Eight
The JAGG Eight
The JAGG Eight
The JAGG Eight
Sold by Outbox

The JAGG Eight

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The octagonal JAGG Grill centers a cracklin' fire pit inside 8 surrounding grilling surfaces and 8 wooden planks to form a communal BBQ-table combo. With JAG, all present and hungry can prepare their own meals, eat together, and bask in the aromatic glow of the fire that got them there.


The JAG Grill is a one of a kind experience when you bring the idea of delicious backyard grilling with family and friends. Whether you use your JAG Grill as an everyday BBQ grill or a Hibachi style grilling experience with family and friends, we are confident you will fall in love with the JAG.


When your JAG Grill isn't being used to grill your favorite dish, you can still enjoy it by sitting around a table made from fine New Zealand Pine Wood. The JAG Grill is designed to bring you a unique social grilling experience with the ones closest to you.


If a BBQ Grill and table is not enough to make you fall in love with the JAG, how about roasting marshmallows on a cold winter day using the JAG Fire Pit. The JAG is also an open flame fire pit which can be used anywhere from roasting marshmallows on a cold winter or grilling your favorite meats and vegetables on an open fire flame for that one of a kind and unique delicious taste.

Additional features include:

  • A side door access for grill cleaning.
  • Legs adjustable up to 8cm to accommodate uneven surfaces or people of different heights.
  • Folding brackets for grill breakdown and storage.
  • Removable wood surfaces if more than 8 are present for the BBQ, and for wintertime storage.
  • Removable stainless steel grilling racks.
  • Removable grill dome for containing fires, plus adding wood or coals.


Product Specs:

  • Materials: Metal steel, stainless steel and solid wood.
  • Assembly: Required
  • Coating: High-temperature paint
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Peal Dimensions: 230W x 230L x 100H CM
  • Chairs are NOT included


    Almost every item available for sale on our website is made to order. We take great pride in our talented team for hand-making every beautiful item. Our team of labors and architects manually create your items using cutting-edge machineries and another powerful tool, their skilled bare hands. 

    Therefore, it is impossible for our labors in such a line of work to create a piece that looks exactly identical to another reference piece. The photos of the units you see online are of sold units and are for display purposes only. Always expect that the newly manufactured piece may look slightly different in size, finish or overall look. Below is a list of factors that might affect the end-result of your ordered piece:

    • Natural materials: No single piece of wood, metal, glass or marble looks identical to another. Raw materials that are sourced from nature will exhibit natural fluctuations including natural imperfections. For example, wood, like all natural materials, has inherent disparities in color and grain pattern. Each furniture piece will have its own unique variation that will include knots, black lines, color difference, tiger grain, color variation or shadow.
    • Labor: Manual labor and manual measurements are also key factors affecting the overall look of your piece. Each produced piece is measured manually by our talented team and may hence result in variations in dimensions (up to 3cm) which could overall affect how a piece might look compared to a reference photo. Our architects and labors will join forces to achieve the best lookalike version of your reference photo. This also applies to furniture pieces that Outbox already sells throughout its catalog.
    • Imported parts: Outbox is primarily specialized in metal steel which means that it outsources all other materials or parts except metal steel. This may include parts for lighting and clock hands and their mechanism and even paint. As the country is undergoing deteriorating economic conditions, market availability for parts are very limited or often unavailable. As a result, Outbox may end up using the best alternative part available on the market. This part may often differ from the agreed upon design and overall aesthetic. You will be notified when the alternative part does not meet our quality standards.
    • Metallic colors: Paint is also a material that Outbox outsources. Our most popular finish is matte black where it rarely displays major variations when acquired from different paint suppliers. However, premium finishes such as silver, white and gold are subject to some variations when acquired from different suppliers, among different brands. Moreover, the color swatches displayed on our website may not always accurately reflect the real life finish of the piece. The color swatch itself may vary when shown on different kinds of monitors.

    By placing an order from Outbox, you agree that your piece may be subject to natural variation.


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