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The Last Supper (Frame)
The Last Supper (Frame)
The Last Supper (Frame)
The Last Supper (Frame)
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The Last Supper (Frame)

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A metallic rendition of Christ's Last Supper. Made of 100% laser-cut metal mild steel and available in variant sizes and finishes.

You may add your own sentence on the bottom frame of the piece (or anywhere else). Please WhatsApp us on 03234068 after placing your order here to send us the sentence you wish to laser-cut or leave it in the instruction note in your cart. The sentence does not add any extra fees, however, it will make the piece's bottom frame slightly thicker. By default, the piece is sent without any text.


Please allow up to 3cm margin error due to manual measurements.

PRODUCT VIDEO (non-framed version)


This piece will be delivered to you with all the tools required for fixing it on the wall. We use a robust 3mm mild metal steel for production which adds some weight to the piece and hence, most pieces must be drilled and fixed on the wall with the provided screws. Most pieces are provided with spacers, making them stand from the wall by 1.5cm. Installation is optionally provided by Outbox. You can select to have your items installed by Outbox during checkout. Additional fees will incur.

Learn more about how our metal wall art pieces are fixed on the wall on this page.


  • Premium mild metal steel
  • Thickness: Robust 3mm
  • Process: Precision laser beam cutting technology
  • Paint: Enamel painting


All orders are produced on a demand basis and according to your custom specifications such as dimensions, color and other personal tweaks.


al 3asha el serri el 3asha2 al serri aasha el serri العشاء السري 




⚠️ No piece of wood will look identical or very similar to another due to natural factors.


The default coating process for most metal wall art and furniture is powder coating. Powder coating is not a type of paint but rather a coating that dries and fuses permanently to the surface of the metal as a protective layer through heat, making it extremely durable and damage resistant, even when exposed to physical contact with hard objects.

Powder Coating allows us to give you a lifetime warranty on all our items. It can be exposed to rain, thunderstorms, extremely cold and hot weather temperatures while remaining perfectly untouched in its same original finish.

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